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Finance & Operations

Finance & Operations manages the finances of Novo Holdings A/S and the Novo Nordisk Foundation and is the home of the joint administrative resources for both organisations. Our finance team focuses on:

  • Novo Holdings’ overall investment strategy
  • Financial investments
  • Accounting, reporting and tax
  • IT and Legal matters

The investment strategy

is designed to support the objectives of the Novo Nordisk Foundation: to provide a stable basis for the Novo Group companies; and to support scientific, humanitarian and social purposes through grants.

The financial investments

consist of a pool of well diversified, return generating financial assets. Go to our Focus to learn more about the principles to which we adhere in building and maintaining the portfolio.

The financial reporting

is based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), it includes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) monitoring and is thus aligned with the other companies in the Novo Group. The joint corporate taxation of the Novo Group is channelled through Novo A/S.

IT and Legal services

are provided to all of our investment areas and to the Novo Nordisk Foundation to ensure efficient and cost effective administration throughout the organisation.