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Seed Investments

”Researchers and entrepreneurs plant the seeds. We're here to help them grow”

Søren Møller, Managing Partner, Seed Investments

Great ideas…

To meet the challenges of a changing world, we need new and better healthcare solutions based on new inventions and technologies. Novo Seeds gives budding ideas the chance to develop into unique – and life-saving – products for the future. Our support is given through two types of programmes that target projects at different stages.

… need nurture and know-how ...

Capital is required for successful growth of a new project or company. However, it takes more than capital to transform pioneering ideas into viable solutions and healthy business platforms.

We use our commercial expertise to provide projects and companies with the managerial and strategic support that project owners need to steer through critical start-up phases. We also draw on our network from the regional and international biotech industry to provide the best expert advice.

… to grow strong

By being actively involved in our investments, we ensure that each project has the optimal conditions for success – turning ideas and science into products that address significant healthcare needs.