Working at Novo Holdings

Our work environment is driven by purpose and values, and we strive to be recognised by our stakeholders and people as an exceptional enterprise.

A career at Novo Holdings offers you the opportunity to work:

  • in a company driven by purpose and values;
  • closely with leading experts and investors in the life sciences;
  • with companies at all stages of development; and
  • with leading financial investors.

Driven by purpose and values

We strive to create an environment where our people can develop to their full potential.

Attracting top professionals

We want to attract candidates who share our values of high performance with high responsibility.

We have performance requirements for employees at all levels and we place emphasis on:

  • life science or investment expertise;
  • a strong appetite for complex investment analyses, structures and processes; and
  • executing on our missions and upholding our values.

Our recruitment process

Novo Holdings combines personal interviews and work-related case studies in its recruitment processes.