We are fundamental value-driven investors

  • We seek to

    – Generate attractive long-term returns
    – Own high-quality assets
    – Establish long-term partnerships

  • We operate with

    – Business acumen
    – Integrity
    – Pragmatism
    – Passion

  • Our decisions are based on

    – A rigorous due diligence process
    – Independent thinking
    – Continuous learning

Our Five Investment Areas

Externally managed public equities and credits

Carefully selected long-term partnerships

We build long-term relationships with our external portfolio managers and are very careful in the selection of a team. In particular, we look for the following attributes in an external manager:

  • a clear and well-defined strategy, used successfully over several cycles;
  • a fundamental and bottom-up investment approach;
  • an independent mind;
  • a long-term investment horizon;
  • a concentrated portfolio;
  • limited assets under management; and
  • a high level of co-investment by the manager to align interests.
Internally managed public equities

Concentrated long-term investments in high quality companies

We make long-term investments in high quality companies that are managed by exceptional people. In particular, we look for the following attributes

  • Durable competitive advantages
  • Management that thinks and acts as owner-operators
  • Excellent capital allocation track record
  • Proven and understandable business models

Our portfolio is highly concentrated and our high-conviction investments decisions are based on rigorous fundamental research

Internally managed credits

Credit investments in quality companies with good downside protection

Our credit strategy employs a disciplined thorough research approach focused on high yield bonds and syndicated loans issued by high quality companies that offer good downside protection. Our aim is to capitalize on attractive risk/return credit opportunities primarily in Europe.

Real Assets

Long-term active investors in quality assets

Through our Real Asset platform we invest in high quality infrastructure and real estate assets. We look for assets that has a stable profile and substantial intrinsic value with a long term critical purpose in societies. Our primary focus are assets located in Europe and North America as well as certain regions in Asia. We look to deploy funds through external managers, co-invest with our partners or by investing direct.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Long-term partnerships with Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund Managers

We build long-term relationships with our external fund managers and occasionally co-invest with our partners. Our primary focus are fund managers that invest in North America and Europe

Our purpose is to help balance the risk/return profile of the investment portfolio of the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Morten Beck Jørgensen, Managing Partner, Novo Capital Investors
All teams
  • 8.0 %

    average annual returns since 2005.

  • 17 %

    returns in 2019.

  • 8.3 bn

    assets under management.

Meet our team

We are a focused team with streamlined decision making and we are quick to respond to investment opportunities when they arise.

The team consists of experienced investment professionals with a diverse set of backgrounds

The Novo Capital Investors team is based at our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For general inquiries please contact our reception at +45 3527 6500

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